Leak proofing is the best solution against disruptions

Beth Werner

Mariagerfjord Municipality has a multi-year security plan
– the start goes in the town halls

Hadsund Town Hall, like most other buildings in Mariagerfjord Municipality, dates from the 1960s and 1970s. – Buildings of this age require greater attention when it comes to security, according to Allan Zaar Lassen, the municipality’s risk coordinator.

If there is one word that Allan Zaar Lassen absolutely dislikes, it is the word disruption. Perhaps it is a bit much to call it a hate word for the risk coordinator in Mariagerfjord Municipality, but it is close.

– Operational disruptions not only cost the municipality money, but often cause significant and widespread inconvenience to both staff and citizens. So yes, I would very much like to safeguard our municipality against disruptions in operations to the extent possible,” explains Allan Zaar Lassen.

Trial balloon in one town hall

Allan Zaar Lassen is responsible for Mariagerfjord Municipality’s Insurance Department, which is in charge of the municipality’s insurance, claims, occupational injuries and risk management.

The insurance department is housed in the former Hadsund Town Hall, one of seven administrative buildings in the municipality.

And it was here that, just over a year ago, the risk coordinator decided to install two DanTaet leakage protection systems on the heating and domestic water systems.

– The facilities were a kind of trial balloon, explains Allan Zaar Lassen, but he leads the way down into the basement of the old town hall.

– I almost forget we have them, because we rarely hear from them despite the many people who are here at different times of the day,” he says, pointing to the domestic water system, which consists of an electronic meter, a controlled shut-off valve and a control box, the use of which has been approved by the municipal emergency services.

The investment in leakage protection systems is quickly recouped.
– The benefits are obvious!

Allan Zaar Lassen continues into the heating room, where another leakage protection system – for the district heating installation – is placed on the wall.

Both installations are equipped with short and simple three-step instructions on what to do if the alarm sounds.

– We have service staff to take care of the practicalities in case the alarm sounds, explains Allan Zaar Lassen, as he studies the instructions and says: “But this sounds so simple that even I could probably figure out how to turn the alarm off if I happened to be nearby.

All seven administration buildings are now secured

The trial balloon that Allan Zaar Lassen launched with the installation of the two DanTaet systems almost a year ago has proved so buoyant that he has ordered leakage protection systems for the other six municipal administration buildings on behalf of the municipality.

Students had to be rehoused for three months

According to Allan Zaar Lassen, the municipal buildings, both administrative and institutional, have fortunately not been exposed to burst water or heating pipes on a large scale.

But we have experienced water damage over the years, one of the bigger ones affecting both the first floor and ground floor of one of our town halls. The damage resulted in both high material repair costs and, worst of all, major disruption to the day-to-day running of the town hall.

Another time, a pipe burst in one of the municipality’s halls of residence. And it was quite a ride, Allan Zaar Lassen remembers.

– We had to relocate all students in residential containers for the three months – winter months, mind you – it took to repair the damage to the dormitory.

Quick return on investment

After doing a few simple calculations, Allan Zaar Lassen has concluded that the municipality’s investment in leakage protection systems quickly pays for itself. The benefits are obvious. Buildings are protected, operations are secured, water wastage is avoided and insurance premiums can be saved.

– Securing all of the municipality’s buildings is a project that will take several years, probably until 2018. But now we have a plan in place, starting with securing the buildings where any damage would cause the most disruption, namely our administrative buildings.

We will then address our institutions,” explains Allan Zaar Lassen, adding that his security plan has strong support from the Executive Board.

– The test period with the DanTaet systems at Hadsund Town Hall has been very satisfactory satisfactory, and therefore, during this year, systems will be installed in the municipality’s other six administrative buildings, says risk coordinator Allan Zaar Lassen.

We have service staff to take care of the practicalities in case the alarm sounds.