Funen real estate company has made a conscious choice

Beth Werner

With leakproofing of BoligGruppen’s property portfolio, both the environment and tenants will notice a difference

BoligGruppen is headquartered in the newly renovated Hinderupgård on Niels Bohrs Alle.

“Our mission statement is to develop properties and projects and offer residential and commercial leases of a good standard.”

This is how the Funen-based real estate and project development company, BoligGruppen, briefly describes itself on its website. In fact, by default, “and with a green profile” should be added. Because this is precisely an area we have chosen to prioritize in the coming years, says Susanne Blix, Development Director at BoligGruppen, and continues:

The aim is to install leakage protection systems on both water and heating installations in all our properties. The installations will ensure that we avoid unnecessary waste of resources and ensure the safety and security of our residential and commercial premises.

First installations installed

Boliggruppen is headquartered in the newly renovated Hinderupgård on Niels Bohrs Alle in Odense, right in the middle of one of the city’s most dynamic growth centers.

In connection with the renovation, it was obvious to have both the water and heating installations leak-proofed. In addition, we also had a couple of cloudburst alarms installed in the basement. Although the Dantaet systems were installed only a few months ago, they have already proven their worth. When the alarm went off and the automatic system shut off the water, it was fortunately only because of a running toilet, says Susanne Blix.

On the other hand, the damage was somewhat more extensive in one of the company’s other properties in the south-eastern part of Odense, which houses four large commercial leases.

Fortunately, the damage, which turned out to be a burst pipe, was discovered quite soon after it happened. Nevertheless, quite a lot of water managed to pour into the building’s shared canteen and meeting room. The burst pipe happened on a Monday morning almost at the same time as people arrived at the office, but imagine if it had happened on Friday afternoon when everyone had gone home. Leakage protection systems will be installed in that property in the very near future, the development director stresses.

“…the objective is clear: all tenancies must be secured…”

Susanne Blix explains that with a substantial portfolio, it would be a major investment to install leakage protection systems in all tenancies right now. We take it on an ad hoc basis, but the objective is clear: all tenancies must be secured against possible leaks.

Like losing your wallet

Renee Raim, Regional Director and insurance broker at the insurance brokerage firm Söderberg&Partners, nods in agreement with Susanne Blix’s last remark.

You have chosen the right strategy, because water damage is certainly not just a matter of water. When a building suffers water damage, the damage caused by water is one thing, but it is only the start of the problems that follow.

“…water damage is certainly not only a matter of water.”

Suffering water damage is almost like losing your wallet. Both are a huge hassle, says Renee Raim, listing some of the consequences of water damage.

Tenants have to be rehoused during the renovation period, there is a loss of rental income, there are dissatisfied tenants, there is a risk of mold, and insurance premiums may increase.

Renee Raim recognizes that installing leak detection systems is a significant upfront cost. In the longer term, however, there are many benefits. For example, many insurance companies offer a certain discount on the insurance premium if the policyholder has installed leak protection.

Finally, I also think that as a landlord you have a certain responsibility to ensure that your commercial tenants do not suddenly face a minor or major operating loss as a result of water damage that could have been avoided.